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Free CMS Made Simple templates installation

This page will explain how to install your free CMS Made Simple template/theme.

If you're not familiar with CMS Made Simple, start with the CMS Made Simple information page. If you want to learn more about the layouts, go to the CMSMS template information section.

Step 0. Back up everything.

Before ever modifying your CMS Made Simple installation, back up everything on the server


in the database! will not be held responsible for your inability to restore your old website/settings. Again, back everything up!


Step 1. Install CMSMS.

You've probably done this already, but if you haven't, you first need to install CMS Made Simple before you can install your template. For instructions on installing the CMS system, go here.

Step 2. Download and unzip your free template.

If you haven't already done so, browse the many CMS themes (templates) available on this website to find the one you feel would work best for your website. Download it and unzip the file to a folder on your hard drive.

Step 3. Upload the template to your web server.

If you've installed CMS Made Simple, you're probably familiar with using FTP to upload files to your web server. Using your FTP program, upload the contents of the 'upload' folder of the template you downloaded to the same directory as your CMS installation (for example, if you have CMS Made Simple installed at, upload everything in the 'upload' folder to as well).

Step 4. Install the template.

To install your theme (template), go to the address of your website followed by freeoscommerce_install.php -- for example, if your CMS Made Simple website is installed at, go to This will install your website's new look. If you already have website content that you don't want overwritten, do not install the default content (leave that box unchecked).

Step 5. Log in to your CMS admin.

After installing your new template, it may be necessary to log in to your CMS admin and access the Pages page under the Content heading -- just opening this page will clear the cache and allow your site to function properly if it isn't already (if you try to access your website after following the previous instructions and it isn't displaying correctly, try this first).

Step 6. Set up your footer.

Your free CMS Made Simple template is set up with a footer at the bottom of the page for links, copyright information and/or anything else.

The footer is actually a page listed in your CMS, to edit it, log in to your CMS Made Simple admin, go to Content -> Pages and click to edit the footer page. The footer will already have a link to the website which you can either leave there or remove. It would obviously be nice to give a little credit to this site for supplying you with your layout, but no one in a black suit is going to show up at your door and take you away if you remove it.

Step 7. Enjoy!

Enjoy your snazzy new CMS Made Simple website and tell your friends to stop by to pick up a free template for their site, too.

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