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What is CMS Made Simple?

As you know, a content-management system is a tool for making your life a whole lot easier when it comes to maintaining your website (if you don't know the CMS basics you may want to start here). There are a lot of good content-management systems out there. Most of them offer the same (or very similar) core functionality, while others are tailored to meet unique needs (Wordpress, for example, is a CMS geared towards blogging). CMS Made Simple is just that; a relatively simple to use content-management system. Don't let the 'Simple' part fool you, though -- while this increasingly popular CMS truly is simple to use, it can easily power anything from a small website with a few pages to a full-blown corporate site with 1,000s of pages and numerous page hierarchies.

Why is it so simple?

CMS Made Simple is easy to use for many different reasons. When you first log in to your CMS Made Simple admin and begin adding pages, you find that it's a very straightforward process without unnecessary and confusing steps or options. Adding/removing/editing pages is a snap, and so is organizing them into page hierarchies with main menus and sub-menus. Managing different layouts and menus and applying them to your pages is equally user-friendly. One of the most important parts of CMS Made Simple is that it allows you to completely separate the layout creation part of the website development from the content management. In other words, once you set up your website's design in the system, you (or anyone else) can easy add/edit/remove pages at will without having to touch or see the layout code again.

Beneath the simple surface of CMS Made Simple lies a powerful tool for adding as much complex functionality as you want to your site. With the numerous plugins/modules supported by the online community, you can add news feeds, contact forms, photo galleries, glossaries, flash, rating systems and anything else you can think of to your website with the click of a button. Integrating these plugins into your main layout and your individual pages is simple with the Smarty tag system. Once you install a new module, for example, to include it in your web page you simply type , eliminating the need to directly edit even simple html or php code. Cool, huh?

If you're an advanced user with php programming knowledge, you can of course dive into some of the inner-workings of CMS Made Simple's open-source code and modify it at will.

CMS Made Simple requirements.

To set up a website with CMS Made Simple, you'll first need to register a domain name ( and get yourself a hosting account. Most basic hosting accounts these days meet the minimum requirements for running CMS Made Simple (php and mysql or postgre database). That's about it -- pretty simple, right?

For a complete list of the requirements for operating CMS Made Simple, visit the CMS Made Simple website.

Customizing your CMS Made Simple website.

With CMS Made Simple, it's easy to modify your website's general layout. You can start with one of the default CMS Made Simple templates and modify it to your liking, or you can download one of the free CMS Made Simple templates available on this website. Installing a new CMS Made Simple template takes only a few minutes.

Check out the free CMS Made Simple templates.

View CMS Made Simple template installation instructions.

Downloading and installing CMS Made Simple.

To set up CMS Made Simple on your website, you first need to get a domain name ( and a web hosting account. Once you've done that, all you need to do is download CMS Made Simple, upload it to your web server, create a database and go through the install process. All of this can be done in fifteen minutes.

To download CMS Made Simple, visit the CMS Made Simple website.

View complete CMS Made Simple installation instructions.

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